The purpose of these recommandations is to make the mixer’s job easier.

It is important to assure that  his work time will be spent exclusively on mixing.


01. Prepare a precise Cue Sheet including TC IN in the right order, the length of the cues, their corresponding “family”, the number of tracks and the composer’s comments.

02. Label clearly all your hard drives (with the project’s name, sample rate, bit depth, frame rate and any other useful notes about the sessions) and your project’s path within the hard drives.

03. Check all your disk allocations to avoid losing some audio files.

04. The video files should be delivered in DV Pal-format with an incrusted TC.

05. A 3.0 stem of the direct speech and pre-recorded sound is useful for the mixing sessions.

06. If audio material needs to be sent to the film mixing stage, it is important to warn the music mixing crew; a transfer disk should be provided for this mean.


01. All the sessions should include a Reference Mix.

02. All the cues should be synced to video.

03. Create a marker at the beginning of each cue with the proper name.

04. All the cues belonging to the same “family” should be in the same session at the right timecode.

05. When bouncing the tracks, please keep the relative levels as in the reference mix.

06-A. Organize the tracks within the session in a logical order : keep all the Drums together, Bass, all the guitars, Keyboards, Strings etc…this order should be the same for all the sessions.

06-B. Feel free to use the ID Track function.

06-C. Label clearly all the tracks with simple names (ex. “Bass” is preferred to “Bass edit.07″)

07. If any plug-in or effect is essential to a track’s character, a dry and a processed version of the track should be provided; The same should be applied with automation.

08. Label clearly the tracks which should be Dry or Wet.

09. Remove all the tracks that are not playing.

10. Verify your edits and also the performance and the tuning of your tracks, your sessions should be ready to mix

11. Consolidate all your tracks (Bar 0 to end) on a duplicated playlist, we’ll always have the original playlist if we do need to move a crossfade or else

12. Remove all the groups, plug-ins, inputs and outputs from all the tracks.

13. Use the “Comments” box to leave notes.